Why use apps? These apps are ICON bookmarks to access favourite Web 2.0 applications. These include online mindmapping tools, animation & cartooning tools, digital storytelling tools, music making tools and video & presentation tools. 

Google Apps: Google Chrome is required as the browser. Download this at You will need to set up a gmail account to choose Google apps.   Sample Google apps can be viewed in the reader frame below. Acquire these apps for your desktop from the Chrome Web Store.  Later, you can access your apps in 3 ways, provided you have signed in with your gmail login, at the top right hand corner of your Chrome browser in Google search mode: 1. Click on the Apps bar in the bottom menu in Chrome OR 2. Click on the side arrows OR 3. Launch the apps at

Google Drive: Once you are signed into gmail, you will see Google Drive and Sites in the top menu. Google Drive allows you to create presentations & documents, or upload existing power point presentations, which can be edited by others & published online, as Colette Cassinelli has done. Sites allows you to make websites. Here is a sample student quiz, made with Google Drive: CREATE - FORM. Student answers can be marked and collated using Flubaroo, which means that teachers can assist students in purpose built, temporary groups, responding to their specific mistakes or gaps in understanding.  See a case study of Google Drive in the classroom.