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SCROLL DOWN to see this 10 week series of lessons celebrating diversity, written for English students in Years 5-9. It is built on programming outcomes  from the NSW English Syllabus: 2014.  It integrates the higher order, creative use of Web 2.0 tools & iPad apps. It utilises selected picture books from the International Children's Digital Library at https://en.childrenslibrary.org to encourage multimodal responses from our diverse learners. Some books have been removed from the website - but the titles CAN still be purchased from Amazon. It has an associated blog with a wide range of differentiated tasks at https://super6plus.edublogs.org. The big idea underlying the lessons is that together we are stronger, diversity enriches us all and that WELCOME is a wonderful word. There are many more reading, writing and Web 2.0 tasks on the net than you could ever do - so select your favourites from the range of tasks on offer here. Going back home - the inferring task can be done using the song Grandma's hands.

Assessment for learning: Click here to see general scaffolds & learning journal guides for book reviews, suitable Web 2.0 toolscultural research, autobiographical writing and opinion pieces. These can be used when responding to any of the selected picture books. As a guide, choose 5 picture books to explore - some students may be keen to read more. Here is a summary grid, showing what students need to do.  
Final task: Take a look at the 'Create an ebook' assessment task, the marking rubric, checklist for success and task planner. Take a look at the lessons and student worksheets.

With thanks to the project teachers: Julie Lewis, Todd Brownlow, Sarah Hamad and Jenny Shlemon.

Lizzie Chase